Iwan Organic Sea Salt Protein Chips

14.00 SR

Iwon Organic Protein Chips Sea Salt 42 g

Ewan Organic Sea Salt Protein Chips

Organic Sea Salt Protein Chips, High in Protein and Organic, High in Protein. high in fibres. Our sweet and succulent flavor captures the classic feel of grilling on a summer night.

PURE ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Our Tortilla-Style Protein Chips Blend the highest quality non-GMO, plant-based, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher ingredients
 fibres. Only 1 gram of sugar. Only 190 calories
Fast food on the go: a convenient and delicious protein-packed snack for everyone who lives an active lifestyle. Maintain energy levels throughout the day while working and playing
Something for everyone: From fitness enthusiasts looking for a muscle-building snack, to kids and families who know nutrient must also mean delicious. These chips are for you
Newly reformulated: a reinvented chip for your healthy lifestyle. We've infused our healthy ingredients with fresh, sweet, pure barbecue flavor.

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