Organic Walnut Hair Dye 100g

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Organic Walnut Hair Dye 100g

CULTIVATOR'S Organic Herbal Hair Color (Walnut)100 gr

25 g x 1 pack = short hair (men) n25 g. 2 pack = medium hair 25g. 3 pack = large hair n25g. x 4 extra large hair pack. rn Open the package according to the size of your hair and add lukewarm water to the powder and stir to make a paste of creamy texture. Apply this paste uniformly to the hair. n3 Cover hair with a shower cap.Keep it on for 30-90 minutes depending on the desired shade; 30 minutes. For light shade and 90 minutes. For darker shades 4 Rinse your hair with plain water. 5 Regular use makes your hair healthy, soft and shiny. n Conditions and covers gray hair and gives the appearance of a uniform color.
Storage Instructions
Sealed, protected from heat and direct sunlight.

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